Casino Royale (1967)

Casino royal is a 1967 spy parody starring Peter Sellers in the lead role. Yes, it’s not really German movie, but many scenes were shoot in Berlin. So let’s get to it 🙂

The plot focuses on an aging James Bond who comes out of retirement, along with his estranged daughter to take on SMERSH. Both then travel to East Berlin after picking up clues, where they investigate and solve the mystery around the deaths of international spies.

The movie was written by 11 writers and had a total of 5 directors. Each directed his own part and worked independently. The Berlin scenes are exclusively directed by Ken Hughes. Out of all these scenes, the one with the war room in Berlin got extreme popularity by the fans and critics alike. Some of the amusing gags are credited to Peter Sellers himself. After a breakpoint and a load of humor clichés, the movie plot ceases to make sense.

A significant portion of the Casino Royale film (1967) involves playing casino poker in high stakes. This adrenaline rushing game is portrayed as risky, daring and costly in Berlin. The baccarat master Evelyn Tremble (James Bond under the pretense) is highly skilled in playing card games at casinos. The main casino, Casino Royale, on which the title of the movie is also made, is shown to be run by secret agents. In the climax, this casino gets destroyed from the explosion of an atomic pill, killing everyone inside. While Sir James and Co appear in heaven, Jimmy Bond descends to hell. Yeah, that’s not what I would expect from gambling in a luxury place) By the way, today there are a lot of trusted online websites where you can play whatever you want. For example, there is a Svenskkasinon casino list with wide range of  different gambling operators. So you can relax and don’t be afraid of being exploded))

Casino Royale garnered more than $40 million and was considered a huge financial success. This has mainly to do with the tag “Bond” associated with it. Critical reception, however, was mostly negative. Most critics to date regard it as the worst “Bond” movie and a chaotic, baffling affair. Audiences too initially liked the movie, but later reviews were not of much help. Till date, Casino Royale holds a 29% score on Rotten tomatoes, with most users describing it as disorganized, clichéd and an absurd disaster. The movie was a pitiful spoof which earned on clever marketing techniques and the “James Bond” brand name.

Mostly a one-time watch, Casino Royale is worth seeing only if you’re a big fan of James Bond, or like to watch dangerous casinos hosting card games. Or even if you like to watch late 1960s/early 1970s comedies which are so bad that they are good.


Good Things

  • The music of the movie has been time and again praised - just remember “The look of love”!
  • Cast! Peter Sellers, Ursula Andress, Woody Allen and Orson Welles - legends of Hllywood.
  • Some parts are madcap funny

Bad Things

  • No tight story, plot is chaos, screenplay is not properly attached

The Breakdown

Plot and story