The Present

Being a film adaptation of the Internet comics, that is already popular for several years, this cartoon tells us about such a touching and memorable story which force us to watch it again and again due to its colors, attractive characters and insiring story. This is a creation about the lives of people who, due to some circumstances, are not the same as others. Not mentally, but physically. It is a story about acceptance of who you are. It is a short story about instant friendship that was grown on the basis of mutual understanding, common pain, as well as learning how to overcome it. This is truly a wonderful cartoon, filled with meaning that will be clear to both children and adults: any second of our life, any unexpectedness, anything can change our future. In the cartoon there are practically no words, it lasts four minutes. But it is more sincere than many full-length films that are trying to make the viewer cry.

This story gives each of us a chance to think whether we are doing everything right.

Good Things

  • Animation is rather good.

Bad Things

  • It is very touching story, so it can be not so good for impressionable people.

The Breakdown