In the Aisles

The main hero of the movie, a guy named Christian, gets a job in one of the local supermarkets and even doesn’t suspect that inside the utility rooms flows a completely different life. Life between the rows has its own characteristics; therefore, no one except workers can understand its principles and accept conditions. Huge rows with goods are daily witnessed quarrels, love relationships, gossip, and the birth of a strong friendship.
The protagonist immediately finds a common language with the staff and soon realizes that he has become one of the members of this huge community. Bruno who works in the drinks department becomes a mentor for Christian, devoting a newcomer to the fine points of retail. Affair with Marion who works in the confectionery department very quickly develops into love. But, it turns out that Marion is a married woman. When Marion takes sick days, Christian plunges into the deep melancholy.
This is a fairy tale, translated into the language of modern reality. A small kingdom with its own laws and an invisible king – the director of a supermarket. Blond Princess Marion from the confectionery department, who lives in the castle and is waiting for salvation. Wise mentor Bruno and meeting with death. Taming the dragon, who took the form of a forklift truck. Christmas night, where there is a place for lights, food, legends and faith in a miracle.
All this is very subtle, deeply and concisely intertwined in the gray routine of an ordinary German supermarket. The scene severely limits and at the same time reveals the talent of 37-year-old director Thomas Stuber. He finds expressive details, locations and counterpoints, creates an atmosphere that accurately conveys not only emotion but also a deep meaning.

The film is for those who not only watch but see, not in a hurry and ready to talk heart to heart.

Good Things

  • Expressive details & locations
  • A touching and bright movie about ordinary people

Bad Things

  • Slow rhythm of narration

The Breakdown