Horror films



Dark days have come under the scorching sun. The world was plunged into chaos which after the greatest natural catastrophe. The temperature rose 10 degrees, and the Earth gradually burned under the scorching rays of the sun. The water disappeared, all living things gradually faded. So the sun, called to give life, became a terrible tool for the destruction of our planet. At the same time, people, in their desire to survive, have brought to the Earth a haze of heartlessness, cruelty, and malice.

A group of three young people tries to reach the mountains by car, where there are water and food. Along the way, they face the troubles and cruelty of the survivors. There are explosions, a chase, a fight. People are confronted not only by nature but also by a group of other survivors

As is the rule in this genre, the viewer watches several people who, by the will of fate, find themselves together and are looking for ways to survive. What is not easy in an environment where water and fuel are worth its weight in gold and the planet gradually turns into a desert like Mars. The emphasis here is on people’s attitudes and their moral principles.

In my mind, it is a very good movie. I watched it in one breath. The film captures and every minute makes you think and guess what happens next. There are no forewords and explanations, the viewer must comprehend the whole picture and digest the self-such approach. The film was worthwhile and all this time I was in suspense, I was sympathizing for the heroes who had to survive in a catastrophically difficult situation, without any resources.

Friend Request

Friend Request

A little about the plot: Lovely and popular in her university girl Laura leads an active lifestyle, puts photos about her pastime on Facebook and has a lot of friends.

Once she receives a friend request from a girl called Marina, who has 0 friends on her social network. Laura adds her to friends and even tries to keep in touch with her, but her “new friend” becomes overly intrusive, and what happens then can be characterized by the phrase: “Do not bring people good if you don’t want to get bad”.

Although the plot is built in a fairly classical format, everything is created with a soul, “with feeling, sense, and arrangement.” As if a good part of reality is breathed into the film, which looks like the ordinary lives of young people who are used to social networks. Looking at this, involuntarily you begin to try on yourself in the place of heroes because they are all so ordinary as usual people.

This film will please you with a diverse and dynamic plot. You will not be bored during the viewing: the action area in the film is not limited only to the university and the apartment, events are developing rapidly and affect all aspects of the life of Laura and her friends. In addition, the big plus of the film is that it does not focus the viewer’s attention solely on communication and life in the social network. The problem is involved even more globally, including the relationship between popular and ordinary guys and outsiders with their oddities, including paranormal ones.

As for me, the film is stunning. It captures, cools the blood and completely attracts attention. I managed to get a huge pleasure from viewing. Yes, there are a few things in the film that I would throw out. But in general, the picture is decent. It was interesting to observe how the queen of the school turns into an outsider. No matter how she tried to correct the situation, nothing came of her.

Thus, “Friend Request” is a very strong horror film, which you can rarely find in the modern cinematography.

We Are the Night

We Are the Night

Lena, a young criminal, is a troubled teenager,who doesn’t deal with her family and peers. One day, sneaking to the private party, she meets rich and gorgeous Louise – a vampire, who is the superior of a crew, which also includes reckless Nora and languorous Charlotte. Louise decides to get this shy girl into her gang. Now Lena is destined to know the gloss and damnation of everlasting life. Every night her new friends become more insatiable, and the number of the victims of vampires impetuously grows. But when the old acquaintance of Lena —  young police officer Tom Serner undertakes investigation of their crimes, it’s time for the girls to pay the price…