Soul Kitchen


Rarely we can find a film which is not oversaturated with visual effects or with hidden symbols and which has a twisted surrealistic plot. In this short movie, Akin Fatih, could put in the lives of several ordinary people, with their aspirations, fears, and feelings. The viewer does not need to think over every scene and look for the hidden meaning – all morality lies on the surface, like in our real life.

The protagonist is Zinos, the owner of a small restaurant, or rather, the “Soul Kitchen” on the outskirts of Hamburg, where he prepares a simple cheap meal, which is liked by regular guests. They know a small menu which consists of several dishes by heart and does not want any changes and innovations. We cannot say that his business is flourishing, but the restaurant is kept afloat and brings a small income.

All the heroes of the film are ordinary people, with their own problems and hobbies. They quarrel, make peace, fall in love with each other and, no matter what, remain good friends. They are always sure that they can come to their native place called “Soul Kitchen”, where everything seems not so hopeless, to get together and feel – there is still hope.

In my mind, the film shows people who are ready to go to the end, change and adjust to any difficult life situations. This movie gave me a lot of positive emotions, inspired me and made me believe in good.

The characters in a movie disclosed with a twist of irony to show how they spoil and improve their lives. The film will be very easy to perceive, it is not overloaded with dramatic or comedic moments. A successful combination of good music and appetizing food significantly improves the mood from viewing. But it’s hard to watch it on an empty stomach because the presented dishes cause a strong desire to try them immediately. While I was watching this film, I realized that my soul was resting, blooming and relaxing. And I definitely enjoyed every moment of this wonderful movie.

Good Things

  • Not overloaded with dramatic scenes
  • Has a lot of fuuny jokes
  • Makes you think positive

Bad Things

  • Sometimes gloomy
  • A bit dragged on

The Breakdown