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My Blind Date with Life

My Blind Date with Life

“My Blind Date with Life” is a light and pleasant, soulful and life-affirming film, with a perfect soundtrack, a good sense of humor. This life story is about a hero who thanks to willpower and perseverance goes to his goal through obstacles, leaving behind a positive image and a lot of positive emotions.

The film is based on the autobiographical book of Salia Kahahuatta and is really inspired by a real simple guy from a small town who suddenly lost 95% of his sight due to illness by the end of the school. But that fact didn’t stop him not even for a second on his way to achieving his goal.

Here we have a beautiful and touching picture depicting the path of Salia from blindness to the first of his achievements: he completes training at one of the famous hotels in Munich.

Frankly speaking, in this movie, we can observe the opposite side of the life of a disabled person. A small choice of work (the hero is constantly told to forget about the dream, to accept his situation), distrust, difficulties, perfectly realizing that it is easier to forget about your big dream. And that’s why the film is worth seeing for romantics and pragmatists!

I think the movie is a bit difficult to watch because you are so sympathizing with what is happening on the screen that sometimes it becomes unbearable to stand it. But at the same time, you are felling happiness for the main hero.
If to say, in general, the film turned out to be dramatic, but at the same time dynamic, kind, funny, sweet, touching, and after watching, you still have more bright and positive emotions than negative ones.

A fascinating story, unforgettable heroes, an inexpressible atmosphere of warmth, friendship, sincerity, and love saturates the whole movie. After watching, you will definitely want to believe in the best and make your dreams come true!

Nanga Parbat

Nanga Parbat

It is a story about Messner brothers and, mainly, their climbimg to the top of the Himalayas Kashmir Valley in 1970. Having undergone severe hardship, extreme physical injury, being on the brink of exhaustion, Reinhold and Günther reached a fateful height and only then they fully realize that it is the descent from the mountains could cost them their lives.

Having returned, Reinhold Messner has told that he lost his younger brother out of sight down the western slope of the mountain Nanga Parbat, that Gunter was almost certainly swept away by an avalanche. Witnesses claim that Messner sacrificed the life of his brother for the sake of his ambitions: he left sick Günther. Reinhold Messner will try to sue colleagues, go look for his brother’s body, will make more than one outstanding climbing, but will always remain in the shadow of this tragic accident. And only 35 years later, one of the greatest mysteries in the history of mountaineering will be revealed…