The Door

David achieved anything what he wanted in his life on his own: he became a very successful painter, and he has a wonderful daughter. But now he is having a difficult time. His seven-year-old daughter died and he blames himself for everything, since it happened because he made wrong desision. Since that tragic episode David got terribly depressed and doesn’t want to live anymore. But one day he discovers a mysterious door, which completely changes his life. The point is this door makes it possible to go back to the past and correct the mistakes made. But what seemed to be a happiness  and an opportunity to change everything,  turns to be a real horror, leading to irreversible consequences.

"The Door" is a clue that we are responsible for what we do.

Good Things

  • Rather unique plot, which has surprising twist of events.
  • Perfect acting.

Bad Things

  • Film is too boring at some moments.

The Breakdown