The Princess and the Warrior

Sissi – a Princess – is a nurse in a mental hospital. Bodo – a warrior – is a former soldier, moonlighting everywhere. The coincidence brought them together, he stole something from the supermarket, and running away from security guards, hangin’ on the passing truck. The driver was distracted and knocked Sissi. She was lying under the truck and was choking, unable to move. He came out of the crowd of onlookers, to beat the life back into her lungs and disappeared just as suddenly. Sissy realized that they didn’t just meet accidentally, and now she is looking for her savior, to understand what is the role of this man in her life. They are a really weird couple, bound together by impossibility of the existence without each other.

It is a wonderful film, full of deep feelings and psychological depth.

Good Things

  • Acting is perfect.
  • Good soundtrack.

Bad Things

  • The movie is too long.

The Breakdown