The Lives of Others

One hundred thousand of employees, two hundred thousand of whistle-blowers. Together they are sword and shield of party, famous Stasi. Suspicion is their method.  The lives of others is their profession. The famous writer and dramatist Georg Draiman would live to the end of his days, getting fondled by the attention of grateful readers and absolutely uninteresting for special services, if not an affair with a famous theater actress. Too famous to stay hidden by the powerful official of the Central Committee. So, that way experts from the Stasi appear in life of Draiman.
Even in such conditions, in which live main characters, there is a place for humanity. The movie will be useful for those who are disappointed in people and believe that evil always triumph over good. We can learn a lot from this movie, because a justice theme is always present in our lives under any political currents.

This movie proves that love and open-mindedness can fight against dullness and violence.

Good Things

  • Exciting directors working.
  • Incredibly skillful acting.

Bad Things

  • A lot of clichés and stereotypes.

The Breakdown