This tough crime drama features extraordinary cinematography and perfect acting.

Victoria is a spanish girl, who arrived from Madrid to BerlinTrying to get to know the culture of new city and have fun as well, she goes to the popular night club and meets there four berlin guys, who have fun and invite her to join them. Despite the language barrier and nighttime, main character agrees to meet adventures with her new friends. The guys promise Victoria to show “real Berlin”…
But they just not walk through the city. It turns out that the guys have to deal with old debt, and since one of them is too drunk, they ask Victoria to be the driver. The plot is rather simple, but it is amazing how it is presented – a real life situation. Everyone can get into such troubles.

Good Things

  • The highest level of acting.
  • This movie is shot in a single continuous take.

Bad Things

  • The plot is rather simple.

The Breakdown