Ruby Red

Time travel, balls and wigs, fencing and vicious Count. Watch it and dip into the world of Timeless.

Gwyneth is a young sixteen-year-old girl, who has lived her whole life in London. Gwen’s weekdays slip in the same way as of the children of her age: school, friends, walking. But everything have changed that day, when an amazing truth opened… As it turns out, the girl has a unique gene that allows her to travel through time. When she find herself in the heart of the dizzying actions, the main character agrees to enter into the mysterious Circle of Blood, complete it and discover the secret of the Twelve. But whether she is ready for such tests, because it was originally thought that Gwyneth’s cousin Charlotte has the great gift, and she was from her early childhood intensively prepared for the implementation of the mission of special importance.

Good Things

  • Well-fitted soundtrack.
  • Good acting.
  • Magnificent scenery.

Bad Things

  • The plot is rather complicated.
  • Сomplete lack of explanations.

The Breakdown