A Coffee In Berlin

This film is an ironic story about one day and one night in the life of Nico Fischer. Niko is almost thirty, he had not finished the university, his girlfriend dumped him, his father denies financial support, and the psychiatrist confirms that his mentality is unstable. Looking for a solution and any amount of money, at least for a cup of coffee, Nico wanders through the streets of Berlin, what becomes a series of random meetings with familiar people and unfamiliar. Nico Fischer has no special thoughts, as well as life goals, and only dream of the day is to get a cup of coffee. Nico is an ambiguous character, whose behavior provokes incessant chain of comic situations…

It is a stylish ironic tragicomedy about the difficult search for the place in the life.

Good Things

  • Great original score.
  • Meaningful storyline.
  • Plot has a surprising twist.
  • Wonderful acting.

Bad Things

  • The film leaves an impression of some artificiality of what is going on.

The Breakdown