The young girl – an orphan named Nina finds herself in not a very convenient situation: her friend was murdered almost near her, and the murderer is none other than Thomas Backer, an arms dealer, who is known around the world. Backer argues that it was self-defense, nothing more, but when he was told about the unexpected guest, the witness, who claims otherwise, the killer gives a command to find and get rid of the witness. At the same time, Nina is put into Witness Protection program. She is supervised by trained fighters, including a battle-hardened special forces soldier Max. However, after armed mercenaries find “shelter”, it becomes clear only one thing – someone gave them up. Nina and Max, who miraculously survived, start looking for a new shelter…

Rather good european action film,which is full of shootings, chases and interesting situations.

Good Things

  • The cinematography is just beautiful.
  • Great camera work.
  • Meaningful characters.

Bad Things

  • The film is full of unnecessary violence.
  • Predictable dialogues.

The Breakdown