Happy People: A Year in the Taiga

This documentary film will tell you about the life of the inhabitants of the district in Russia, which seems to be completely detached from civilization, but the people living there havea deep, abiding love for their home. In Taiga there are no taxis, no internet, no telephone and TV, here everyone is only on his own. But people here are cheerful, they have learned to live in harmony with nature and appreciate and respect the true value of her gifts.This film also tells us about the features of the lives of several hundred people, who appreciate their lives literally everything: a warm fireplace at home, the love of friends and relatives. If you wish to observe a completely different way of life, learn about the intricacies and difficulties of the Siberian fishing, listen the stories about the simple life of the people, detached from civilization, you will obviously like this film.

This film is about people who are really happy.

Good Things

  • Magnificent landscapes.
  • This film can inspire us.

Bad Things

  • This movie is boring at some moments.