The law level of performance at the school, parents send their 14-year-old doughter Mika for the summer to the farm to the pretty tough grandmother. However, there is in addition to study the books she suddenly finds something else to do. She finds a wild stallion named Ostwind in an isolated barn. No one on the farm are able to tame it. And as if by magic, Mika, who feels attachment to the horse, one night sneaks up to the barn. Thus their unusual friendship begins. Can she tame Ostwind despite everything?

It is pleasing to note, that the film tells not about the achievements in equestrian sport, but about the friendship between the girl and the animal, about the understanding of each other on the level, unreachable for the others.

Very beautiful and spectacular film containing all the ideas that are necessary for the motivation and inspiration.

Good Things

  • Magnificent acting.
  • Touching moments of the movie are forced to experience the full range of emotions.
  • Breathtaking landscapes.

Bad Things

  • Rather simple plot.

The Breakdown