It was summer of 1968, student riots, the Rolling Stones, bell-bottoms, mini-skirts, the sexual revolution. While Germany is entering a new era of freedom, 14-year-old Wolfgang against his mother’s will with the filing of a jealous stepfather, enters the camp for troubled teens in remote area Freistadt in Upper Austria, in the northern part of the Mühlviertel. Outwardly welcoming owner of the Brockmann house undertakes re-education of the rookie , but instead of going to school or to class, he has been forced to work hard.  Wolfgang is against the labour in inhumane conditions and insidious educational methods of petty tyrant, and he is getting beaten half to death as a reward.

A story created for suffering of the thousands not being forgotten.

Good Things

  • Plot is rather interesting.
  • Great soundtrack.

Bad Things

  • It is hard to watch for unprepared viewers, becouse the main theme of the film is severe.

The Breakdown