Head Full of Honey

The movie tells the history of 11-year-old Tilda, who adores his grandfather Amandus. When he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and parents, in her opinion, wanted to get out of him, putting to the retirement home, she takes things into her own hands and escapes with his grandfather to the fairy-tale Venice. The city  is chosen for a reason. After almost half a century ago, there Amandus proposed to Tilda’s grandmother. Now granddaughter hopes that when they will be there, her grandfather will be better, and at least he will remember something.

I am very pleased with the ending, it is perhaps the best part of the movie.

Magnificent fairy-tale, performed by talented actors.

Good Things

  • Soundtrack is wonderful.
  • Breathtaking landscapes.

Bad Things

  • Bad humor.

The Breakdown