Love in Thoughts

The movie takes place in Berlin in 1927. The students Paul Krantz, a young poet from a poor family, and Guenther Scheller, a bored adventurer from a wealthy family, spend a country-house weekend. Here Paul falls in love with 16-year-old Gunther’s sister Hilde, but she prefers Hans, who is also in love with her brother. Ellie, a modest Hilda’s friend, is in love with Paul. Young people are having a party, where feelings of the main characters are awakened under the influence of prohibited absinthe and talking about poetry. Next day, four (Paul, Guenther, Hilde and Hans; Ellie went home earlier with having spent the night with Paul) return to Berlin, where the denouement takes place: having understood that Hans is more interested in Hilde (and Hilde is interested in Hans) Guenther and Paul wrote a suicide note. After that, Paul changes his mind and leaves the game. Then the drama ends with gunshots. Paul was arrested and charged with murder on the basis what is written in his note, “At this moment, Hans and Hilde die. And soon Gunther and I, laughing, will leave this world! “

It's a truly wonderful sad movie about extremely tangled relationships.

Good Things

  • Wonderful acting.
  • Beautiful scenery.
  • It is based on a true story.
  • A pretty interesting plot.

Bad Things

  • The movie unfolds too slowly.

The Breakdown