One Way

The film tells us about a selfish liar Eddie (Til Schweiger), everything is going well in his life – he has a beautiful bride, and his business is good, and a lot of mistresses. And at the same time we can see a woman named Angelina (Lauren Lee Smith) with a difficult fate – she was raped by four thugs, when she was young and innocent. And how could this happen? Son of the owner of the advertising agency, where Eddie works, becomes her nightmare – he rapes her how he wants.

This is where the fun begins. Eddie is prevented from interceding for the girl, he is blackmailed with his love affairs. And it means the collapse of the everything, that a talented liar Eddie has achieved  – a happy marriage, a profitable business, peaceful sleep… and then Eddie agrees to the blackmailer conditions, who is the raper of Angelina… and gives false statement in court.

The film is about rape and revenge and how the victim feels.

Good Things

  • Magnificent screenplay.
  • Intriguing plot.
  • Perfect acting.
  • Meaningful characters.

Bad Things

  • The rape scenes are shown very drastically.

The Breakdown