Nowhere in Africa

In 1938 Jettel and her five-year-old daughter barely managed to flee Germany to Africa, where their husband and father Walter has settled down. After the “civilized” Europe Jettel and Walter not at once got used to the fact that they will spend indefinite period of time on a remote farm in Kenya. And Regina quickly got used to the new life, she learned the new language and became friends with the local people. The beauty of the “black continent” is seriously underwhelming her. She hardly remembers Europe. But for her parents it is more difficult to get used to it.  And only because of love for their daughter they begin to embrace the beauty of the local landscapes. The events shown in the film are autobiographical and are based on the book of the same name by Stefanie Zweig.

This film is a masterpiece of its kind.

Good Things

  • Breathtaking landscapes.
  • Well-paced script.
  • Exciting cinematography.

Bad Things

  • The film is too boring at some moments.

The Breakdown