Summer in Berlin

Two friends live in Berlin and spend their evenings on the balcony, trying to drown their loneliness in a glass of wine. Katrin is trying to get a job, Nike takes care of the elderly and frail persons. And the extraordinary truck driver comes into their lives. Nike is trying to convince herself that finally found the right man, Katrin, in turn, is shocked that her friend now prefers sleepover on the balcony to tumbling with Ronald. Being stalled in a quagmire of her own problems, Katrin forgets about her son Max, who has a passionate, unrequited love and wants to win favor with the girl using expensive sneakers. The main characters are experiencing personal dramas, quarrel, but eventually return to the favorite balcony.

Good movie about two women and their daily struggle for survival during a summer in Berlin.

Good Things

  • Good humor.
  • Great camera work.
  • Rather good acting.

Bad Things

  • Film is too long and too boring.

The Breakdown