Sun Alley

Michael (or ‘Micha’) is a 17-year-old boy, who lives with his friends near the Berlin Wall, that separates the, city on the eastern side of the Sun Alley. The same street that starts in West and ends in East Berlin. There are “Stasi” agents and political slogans in the east,and  bananas, dirty magazines, “Rolling Stones” CDs and nylon tights in the west. But Micha and his friends are not interested in fundamental differences between the “proletarian” East and “bourgeois” West. They just care about rock music, drinking and girls. Especially Miriam – incomparable girl who can stop a traffic making her grand entrance. Micha is willing to do anything for her. Love to unattainable Miriam, a dramatic change in the fate of his best friend Mario and civil disturbances on the street make Micha to think about his future…

It is a story of group of kids living in Berlin, their families and friends.

Good Things

  • This movie deals with important issues.
  • The comedic scenes are always at the right time.
  • The movie is realky fun to watch.
  • There is a lot of truth.
  • Witty and eloquent dialogue.

Bad Things

  • The characters are ill-contrived and unpredictable.

The Breakdown