The Hunt for the Hidden Relic

Young archaeologist Steffen discovers a two-thousand-year-old tomb during archaeological excavations near Jerusalem. And there is an old skeleton clutching in his hand the instructions for the supermodern video camera that have not yet come on the market and a piece of paper with the name Jesus. Steffen suggests that he found the remains of a time traveler, who visited the ancient Palestine, and the camera could capture the image of Christ. The sensational finding that threatens the basics of world religions, becomes a reason for violent fight between the powerful forces. And Steffen got the encrypted instructions in his hand. Persecuted from all sides, he hopes to solve this incredible mystery, hidden in the ancient monastery in the Negev desert where according to legend is “sacred mirror” with the image of Jesus…

It is an intriguing mystery story about young archaeologist and his adventures.

Good Things

  • Film is well scripted and directed.
  • Meaningful characters.
  • Good acting.
  • Magnificent exotic locations.

Bad Things

  • Film is violent and boring.

The Breakdown