The Little Matchgirl

A poor young girl Inga lives with her little friend Emil in an orphanage. Cruel lady Landsfrid runs the orphanage and compels children to work in order to make her life more comfortable. On Christmas Eve Inga, together with other children, walks into the city square to sell matches but happy citizens pass by the children in anticipation of the holiday. The few funds that Inga managed to earn , she gave to Emil for him not to be punished. Left in the square at night, the girl with the matches continued to wait until someone take pity on her and buy her goods. Desperate, the girl went to the house where she lived with her parents and lit the match to warm herself…

It is sad and emotional story about a poor young girl, who tries to sell matches.

Good Things

  • Perfect acting.
  • Meaningful characters.

Bad Things

  • The film is disturbing and tragic.

The Breakdown