Vampire Sisters

Two 12-year-old sisters are half-vampires, their father is pureblood vampire, and their mother is an ordinary woman. Both sisters are polar opposites of each other, but, however despite this, they are pretty close. First one is Dakaria (by the way, their names are very unique): dresses in black, has short black hair, she does not want to study at school and wants to become a real purely vampire. Second one is Silvania: she is a blonde with long hair, who dresses in bright light clothes, a diligent student, and she dreams to become a real pure human. They decided to move from Transylvania to a small town in Germany, where their mother is from. There they have to learn what it means to live among ordinary people: to fly only at night, do not walk on the ceiling and hide all of their superpowers.

A cute, instructive and funny movie that is perfect for family viewing,

Good Things

  • Rather good acting.
  • The film is thrilling until the end.

Bad Things

  • The are a lot of clichés.

The Breakdown