Fast Track: No Limits

Four friends – Katie, Mike, Nicole and Eric go to work in the daytime, like most of us, but at night they have a completely different nightlife. Katie works in auto shop inherited from her father, who spent a lot of years repairing a vintage Mustang. Mike is a pizza guy. Nicole is a young woman, married to a rich man a lot older than her. Eric is a police officer. Street racing, freedom, sex, exciting chases and easy money – it’s all there in the lives of four street racers. Speed is the real life for them. But once having made a choice, we must be prepared to pay for it, because everything comes with a cost…

This film is about four young people, who admire of speed and freedom.

Good Things

  • Great special effects.
  • Perfect acting.

Bad Things

  • The dialogue is weak at times.

The Breakdown