The Wave

These days in Gernany. A school history teacher proposes his students to conduct an experiment:  the high school students will be live under the law of a totalitarian state exactly one week. Strict discipline, extensive monitoring, punishments — Nazi scheme is re-established with a frightening accuracy. Students are reassured to know from their own experience how easily you can manipulating people, turning them into a faceless docile mass. But at some point, the game is getting out of control, and now its participants will reach the end and know the darkest side of the dictatorship.

It is a story about a teacher, who is trying to make his students understand dictatorship by forming a week long experiment.

Good Things

  • The film is very well written.
  • Great acting.
  • The film is inspired by a true event.

Bad Things

  • The film is predictable.
  • Some scenes are badly thought-out

The Breakdown