The White Masai

Carola is a German woman living in Switzerland, she is on vacation with her boyfriend in Kenya. Here Carola meets Maasai warrior Lemalian dressed in traditional costume and immediately falls in love with him. Woman refuses to leave the country and she goes to the home village of African. Lemalian love her back they’re getting married soon. Carola permanently moved to Kenya, where she starts her businesses. At the same time she tries to fight with customs of the local population, which seem to be wild. For example, female circumcision and accusations of witchcraft. After a few years of their marriage Carola gives birth to a daughter. Lemalian begins to be more and more jealous of his wife, he is growing more suspicious the baby is not his. Tired of this, Carola decides to leave the country with her daughter.

It is incredible true story about a woman from Switzerland who marries a Masai warrior in Kenya.

Good Things

  • Plot is rather intriguing.
  • The film is based on actual events.
  • Wonderful scenery.
  • Excellent cinematography.

Bad Things

  • The film is totally predictable.

The Breakdown