Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

Martin and Rudy are two young men, who come to the clinic one day, and there they find out a disappointing diagnosis and they realized: there are just a few hours for each of them to live. Staying in one room, they organize night party, carried out in such a way themselves on their final journey. Martin looks indomitable and implacable, and decides that it is necessary for Rudy to catch up and spend time by the sea, otherwise he will have nothing to tell in heaven, because all they talk about in Heaven is how beautiful the sea is. They were pursuing by killers, they become reluctant robbers, police chased them. But they nevertheless continue to rush torward  destiny.

Good movie, which has a good potential. The picture leaves a good impression.

Good Things

  • Appropriate use of humor.
  • Soundtrack is amazing.

Bad Things

  • Storyline is rather simple.

The Breakdown